Boy Who Cried Love

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Just wanted to share with my fellow readers and writers that I will be graduating high school on this Thursday! I’m more excited than nervous because senior year has honestly kicked my butt, however it’s over. With that being said, I should officially resume updates for all of my fanfictions [Reminded, Rest of my Life, Boy Who Cried Love (maybe?)] after this week—-or maybe during this week if I have time to at least blink lol. Sorry for the major delay on all fics but I just couldn’t find the time to write or even read anything anymore. Plus it was hard to obtain inspiration in the midst of stress and worry. But summer time for me is here and the voices of my characters won’t leave me alone so I’ll definitely be back. Will be write back ;)


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Happy your back! I can't wait to find out what happened between her and Christian though. In like extra anxious! Until next time!

Thanks hun, I’m happy too! And I think everyone is a bit anxious. So many things can happen from this point—we shall see tho ;)

first off its gonna confuse the hell outta me when I see the name Ace. I know thats Amari's nickname but its also one of my actual nicknames lol I thought I was friends with both of them for a minute. and second, Patience better tell me errthang! she better not skip any details

Lol oh lawd, I didn’t know! And she might ;)

Chapter 1 [Part 2]



Walking the halls of Xavier High School again was almost surreal. The sights, the sounds, the smell, and the feeling of it caused me to reflect back on the three previous years in a bittersweet sense. Yesterday, I was merely fourteen years old entering as a clueless freshman with no plans for the future in mind. I also had that “High School Musical” mentality: "School is going to be so great and I’ll stay close with my best friends forever!” Unfortunately, reality hit me and the rest of the freshman student body before first semester even ended. Today, I’m seventeen and at the top of the food chain as a senior. I’m not as naive as I was three years ago, but I still had some things to work on about myself.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with my life.

"Well my class is right here, so I’ll see you later," Arielle said as she paused beside me. I looked up from my schedule and wrapped my arms around her.

"How will I survive this hell-hole without you in any of my classes?" I mumbled.

Softly, she giggled in my ear. “You’ll survive boo. I’m only a text away if you need me.” As she pulled away, a warm smile spread across her face and she patted my back before walking inside her class.

Sighing heavily, I shuffled further down the hallway in search of my own classroom. After passing a few more doors, I found my new first period and walked inside. Scanning the room, I noticed a handful of familiar faces and a few I didn’t recognize. In the midst of all those people, one face caused the beat of my heart to falter its pace, my breath to stop in my throat, and my palms to become slick with sweat.

Sitting at a lab table near the back of the classroom was Christian.

My eyes immediately fell back down to my schedule as I tried to pull myself back together. I wished and prayed silently that I had read my schedule wrong or walked into the class next door to my real class by accident. Unfortunately, I already knew that wasn’t the case and fate had placed me into the same classroom as him. When I looked up again past the few students trickling in and taking their seats, my eyes locked on his. Although I was standing in front of the classroom, I was able to see his eyes widen a bit. It was almost as if he was just as surprised as I was, but his overall facial expression was blank. I jumped a little when the tardy bell rung and half scrambled to a random seat—-which also happened to be towards the back.

Behind a few straggling tardy students, a tall, stocky man with faded blonde hair walked inside and shut the door. He continued to walk behind his desk and scanned the room like I once did, but with a slight smirk. He wasn’t a bad looking teacher; you could tell he was probably more handsome in his younger days, but he definitely was attractive present day.

"Hello class, I’m Mr. Reed. Welcome to Physics," he said with a smile.

While Mr. Reed began to talk about his educational background, I secretly slid out my phone and scrolled through my contacts until I found Christian’s name. My fingers were hesitant at first, but after a deep sigh they moved with ease across the screen before I clicked “Send”. It felt as if a heavy load was lifted off my chest although I only sent him four words. But when he never responded back, another burden made my heart sink lower than it already was.



I stared at the back of her head, internally wrestling with myself about going up to talk to her. Little visual scenarios played in my head on how to approach her lunch table and greet her for the first time today…but nothing I thought of seemed appropriate for this setting. A part of me even asked “Why does she even matter?” 

"Any luck?" Ace slung his backpack on the table and set his lunch tray down before taking his seat in front of me.

"Huh?" I asked, blinking several times at him.

"Any luck? With the new chick?" he asked again.

"Oh," I sighed and shook my head. "Haven’t seen her since this morning. Looks like she doesn’t have this lunch either. But I did get a name from a few of my sources."

Ace leaned forward over his food. “Well, tell a nigga wassup?” 

"Parker," I said simply.

He leaned back, took a big ass bite out of what the school cafeteria considered a burger, and nodded slowly, smirking at me. I shook my head and slid his bowl of fries off his tray—one of the few things I ate from this school. Before my thumb and forefinger could even grasp one skinny fried potato, Ace snatched the bowl back. 

"Uh, when the fuck did you start liking those fries?" I frowned slightly.

"Forget the damn fries fat ass. If you really wanna holla at shorty, you better talk to her now. If you wait too late, she’ll be gone as quick as I took your fries." He slid the bowl back to my side of the table and took two more bites of his burger.

I glanced back up at Patience to see her looking over her shoulder at me, along with Arielle. Quickly, my eyes fell back down to the table as I proceeded to place a fry in my mouth. As I chewed, I realized that it didn’t quite taste the same as it did last year. I decided to eat another one anyway, but the same bland taste remained in my mouth. When I looked up again, Patience had turned back around and resumed talking. 

My current situation, in a rather strange way, was like these fries: not too long ago, I felt completely different about them, but now that feeling wasn’t the same anymore. I guess it was time to try something new on the menu…or did I really just want the old thing back?

I eased my phone out of my pocket, reread the text I received earlier and proceeded to respond back.

PatienceWe need to talk.

Me: I agree… 

"Who you texting?" Ace asked as he finished off his burger.

I shook my head and slid my phone back in my pocket. “No one.”



 ”So what was that about?” Arielle asked as we turned back around to our food.

I shrugged and kept my eyes down on my food. “I don’t know. He was staring at me, I can’t read minds.” I took a long sip of my apple juice and jumped a little when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. After sliding my phone out, I was shocked to see a text from Christian. About time…

"What do you guys need to talk about?" Arielle asked before I realized she was reading the texts over my shoulder. I quickly put my phone away and anxiously looked at her. There was no way I could lie to my best friend, but I couldn’t hold important information like this away from her any longer. 

"I think there are some things we need to talk about as well, Ari," I said quietly.

New reader I love that you used Amber as a lead. I wish more fics had her In it. This is a great concept. I hope you come back soon

I love Amber! She is beautiful, she is fierce, and she is not commonly used in fanfiction so I wanted to give it a try. Thank you, and I’m back now :)

You know im so here for this story cant wait :))))

just found it and love it
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Thank you fanficpromo! Glad you like it :)

Eeeeeppp! I love 💕 the first chapter!!!!!!! Can't wait till the next one! I love it already! 😍

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So I’m pretty sure there will be a chapter posted tonight…

I don’t think I realized until earlier this week that I had already typed a majority of the chapter a while back, all I had to do was complete it. School has really messed up my mind this year, but I’m here now! Starting the year off right though :)

When will you be back?

I see you peeped I was on and that’s a wonderful question. I’ll be back sooner than you think though ;)

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